I was saved, but I refused. I ran away from the truth. I built my own walls of insecurities, doubts and fears. I became deaf, blind and mute. I perfected the art of pretension. I kept telling myself, “it’s gonna be okay, everything’s okay.” Not until one day I decided to take courage and mingle with Christ-centered people. It was an unprecedented step for me, to speak and share what my life had become, how chaotic and puzzling my thoughts are and how I entrusted everything unto myself- self-worship.

Knowing that each person in the room doesn’t know me personally at all, has not laid judgment on me. They neither convicted nor blamed me. They didn’t say it was good or bad, at the end of the day it’s only our self who could tell and differentiate good and bad, lightness from darkness. It’s only our self who has the free will to act. But every action is to be guided by Him. Listen to His words and teaching by then we’ll figure if things will work accordingly.

From darkness to light, from death into life, His grace changes everything. I was blessed I took that challenge of reaching out. That everyone is willing to help me in my journey of building an intimate relationship with God. True enough that His mercy is new every morning.

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